I wish to create projects that benefit

Experience 16 years days

The full cycle of websites, e-shops and portals development Ruby, JS

  • Ruby, Sinatra, Rails - 9 years
  • Agile, SOLID, TDD, BDD - 11 years
  • Rspec, Jasmine, Capabara - 9 years
  • Mongoid, ActiveRecord - 9 years
  • Javascript, JQuery, MVC SerenadeJS - 10 years
  • CSS Bootstrap - 7 years

Code quality

I am the author of the open source library Vxod.
Code quality metric Code Climate

Skills with services, libraries, technology

  • TCP/IP - interaction with the "hardware" at "socket" level
  • CoffeeScript, Slim, Sass, Bootstrap - for client side of web
  • Capistrano
  • Postgresql, full text search, MySql
  • RasberyPi - hardware development platform on Linux
  • FFMpeg - MPEG4 decoding from webcams
  • OpenCV - video analysis
  • Paypal - integration with payment system
  • Stripe - integration with payment system
  • C#, ASP.MVC, WinForm - 5 years
  • MS SQL - 5 years
  • Delphi - 5 years
  • Arduino - hardware development platform on C
  • Linux
  • Twilio API - call and sms to mobile phones
  • SVG RaphaëlJs - web charting, visualization
  • Google cluster map - display thousands of objects on the map
  • Amazon S3 - image storage
  • Cloudinary.com, Imagemagick.org - image processing

My projects, starups, hobby 2010 - present. Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, SerenadeJs, Slim, Mongoid

  • Web constructor of broadcast composition.
  • Try ffmpeg/libav for manage broadcast dynamicly, e.g. swith cameras without restart stream.
  • C# Windows application for stream from USB devices. Manage it by web ui via web sockets.
  • Use YouTube Live API, stream to it.

Collaborate with young scientists from School of Computer Engineering, HSE, Moscow and sales managers from Lomonosov Moscow State University.

  • Reduced coaches work compare to paper
  • Apply of knowledge, skills, experience, expert from professional swimming in the software solution
  • Complex JS MVC app for quickly enter a lot of sports data
  • Development of modern, user friendly platform for e-shops, CMS
  • Shoping cart made on Js MVC. Changing items in the cart, the achievement of the coupon conditions - instantly recalculate the cart cost
  • Full stack e-shop development
  • Developed hardware on Arduino
  • Twilio API for calls to mobiles
  • Payments receiving PayPal. Automatic connection of the paid-in money with project’s tariff
  • SVG graphic of movement within guarded space, with use of RaphaëlJs
  • Demo video in Russian
  • Parsing of information from the real estate web pages in the real time
  • Providing with analytic information on the world market of the real estate

Ship startup 02.2015 - 11.2015. Remote work. Rails, Amazon EC2, Capistrano, TDD, ElasticSearch, SPA Serenade JS

I come to the project:

  • No one in team can deploy to servers
  • Owners have not see results of last 3 months of development
  • CSS, JS, Ruby was broken across whole system
  • About 20 red tests

I leave the project

  • Deploy to servers by one command. Setup EC2 staging, production from scratch
  • During my work - deploy every week
  • Green tests suit. 247 tests (2 min to pass) + 47 acceptance tests (7 min)


  • search cargoes suitable to vessels
  • group/show map markers depend on zoom and cargoes/vessels counts

New features:

  • intermediate ports for vessels
  • front end for select ports from 9000 items devided by tree of regions
  • upload files in chat
  • full text search by cargoes vessels (ElasticSearch)
  • improve and develop admin UI

Uppod.ru 10.2014 - 02.2015. Remote work. CoffeeScript, HTML5 Video for iOs, Android, ads VAST, Ruby

  • Implement ad VAST video module on HTML5, it support Desktop, iOs, Android
  • Develop "lock" player to domain, by DES encrypt part of JS during build
  • Init split single 7000 lines JS file into modules
  • Implement about 130 integration tests
  • Make 13 updates of HTML5 player, my code used by thousands
  • Init usage of Trello, Git in company

Printio.ru 05.2014 - 10.2014. Remote work. Ruby on Rails, Active Recored, ImageMagic, ElasticSearch

  • Implement login via fb, vk, google
  • Push order info into google spreadsheets
  • Tuning custom stores (commission, blog, social widgets)
  • Automatic management of reseller commission
  • Add new products (blackberry z10, watches, canvases)
  • Implement CMS for editing of SEO text on any page
  • Integrate with Google Merchat Account
  • Add functionality for ordering without editor via standard image upload

InilineManual.com 2013 - 2014. Remote work. Ruby on Rails, ActiveRecord, Capistrano, Code reviews thought pull requests

  • Generation sites offline documentation, with the capture sites screenshots
  • Editor of interactive site documentation. JS MVC application
  • Recurly payments. Integration with payment system stripe.com

Sal.ch 2010 - 2014. Remote work. ASP.MVC C#, MS SQL, jQuery

  • The rapid improve stability and system UI by modular upgrade the technological level
  • Implemented e-learning system
  • Order learning cources through the site, discount programs
  • Reduced labor costs teachers to distribute the material, checking assignments, chat with a group of students

Ludopoli.com 2009 - 2013. Prague, full-time. ASP.MVC C#, MS SQL, MongoDB, jQuery

  • 800 000 visitor per month
  • Link comments with paragraph of text
  • Integration with the client publishing system, import updates from articles
  • Propose and implementation the architecture decision on how separate CMS from client project
  • Javascript for image manipulation
  • Integration with the services categorization and tagging
  • Implementation of client sites
  • Developed the cluster map of hundreds stores
  • Search the nearest shop for client location

Sankt Peterburg 2006 - 2009. Windows Forms, C#, MS SQL

  • LocalPO free part of security system S-20
  • Module for interaction with the "hardware" at "socket" level
  • Module of video subsystem which gets video from HTTP-camera and decodes MP4 using FFMpeg
  • Development of modules for various projects
  • Central storage of results of diagnostic studies - CHRDI
  • Mobile telemedicine system - Kladez

Smolensk 2003 - 2006. Delphi, Oracle, Interbase, MS SQL

  • Developer of the information system of labour safety
  • Developed application for quickly enter a lot of data. Operated by 30 operators, 40 hours per week
  • I have proposed and developed in complete ORM for data access
  • Developed and implemented a system backup 30 TB
  • Support, administration of tax systems
  • Show information from ERP system on Web portal
  • Analytics, decision support on data from ERP
  • Development and implementation of CRM


Modern Humanitarian Academy

2003 - 2007. Qualification: Bachelor of computer science, programming, operating systems and applications, networks and information security.

Graduation research: “Use of pseudo optical neurone network for recognition of images”. I keep in touch with the professor in sphere of use of AI algorithms.

Smolensk Technical School of electronic devices

1999 - 2003. Qualification: technician. Speciality: software of computer engineering and computer-based systems.

Graduation work: "Use of monolayer perceptron in the task of images’ recognition”.