Push human evolution :-)

Prefer to solve real-world problems, needs
Been programming since childhood, love it

My motivation

  • Freedom and trust
  • Solving real problems
  • Communication with professionals
  • Self improvement in OOP, Ruby
  • Productive work schedule


Team member you'd love to work with…

Denis Korolev Ph.D., HSE, Moscow

Asset for your company and has my recommendation…

Dietrich Baenziger, Co-Founder Ludopoli.com

Work with Sergey gave a result…

Yury Golodnikov, Swim Chief Trainer

I recommend Sergey as one of the best programmers…

Roman Gudkov, Senior developer, The Profile Group, London

Personal qualities

  • Wish to build long-term, mutually beneficial relations
  • Responsibility, punctuality, effectiveness
  • Firmness of purpose, readiness to solve the tasks of any level of complexity
  • Reading of books on self-development. I was impressed with: Robin Sharma “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, Robert Toru Kiyosaki “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”
  • Use technologies of the time management by the book of Gleb Arkhangelsky “Time drive”. Keeping the lists of tasks for short and long terms


Modern Humanitarian Academy

2003 - 2007. Qualification: Bachelor of computer science, programming, operating systems and applications, networks and information security.

Graduation research: “Use of pseudo optical neurone network for recognition of images”. I keep in touch with the professor in sphere of use of AI algorithms.

Smolensk Technical School of electronic devices

1999 - 2003. Qualification: technician. Speciality: software of computer engineering and computer-based systems.

Graduation work: "Use of monolayer perceptron in the task of images’ recognition”.

P.S. Spoken English. Visa-free travel in Europe